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Belle Tress Wigs

 by Belle Tress

Belle Tress Wigs

For the confident fashion conscious woman
who wants to look fabulous without frequent
trips to the salon, BelleTress wigs are the perfect
solution with the latest style trends,
easy care and comfortable fit.

Life is too short to have boring hair. Natural or theatrical, functional or just-for-fun, our vast variety of wigs embrace transformation. Belle Tress believes that wigs should not be a hair product that covers over or hides your true you.

Hair has historically been a symbol of power. The cut, color, and texture make a statement about who you are. Your Belle Tress hairdo completes your look. It is how you announce yourself to the world. Wear Belle Tress wigs to welcome the many shades of you.

ElegantWigs introduces Belle Tress's Cafe Collection which was inspired by coffee culture.

View all 26 available colors for Belle Tress Wigs.

Please be aware that the colors you see on the displays will not be exact.

Color Insurance - get the color you expect with a color ring for Belle Tress Wigs More on Belle Tress Wigs
33 Belle Tress Items on 1 page
Amaretto by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Americana by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Arabica by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Bailey by Belle Tress
Baywatch by Belle Tress
Bedhead by Belle Tress
Biscotti Babe by Belle Tress
Biscotti Babe
Mono Lace Front
Bobbie by Belle Tress
Bonbon by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Cafe Chic by Belle Tress
Cafe Chic
Mono Lace Front
Cold Brew Chic by Belle Tress
Cold Brew Chic
Mono Lace Front
Columbia by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Double Shot Bob by Belle Tress
Double Shot Bob
Mono Lace Front
French Curl by Belle Tress
French Curl
Mono Lace Front
House Blend by Belle Tress
House Blend
Mono Lace Front
Intoxicating Spice by Belle Tress
Intoxicating Spice
Mono Lace Front
Irish Coffee by Belle Tress
Irish Coffee
Mono Lace Front
Italian Roast by Belle Tress
Italian Roast
Mono Lace Front
Kona by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Lady Latte by Belle Tress
Lady Latte
Mono Lace Front
M&M by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Miss Macchiato by Belle Tress
Miss Macchiato
Mono Lace Front
Peppermint by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Pure Honey by Belle Tress
Pure Honey
Mono Lace Front
Rose Ella by Belle Tress
Rose Ella
Mono Lace Front
Signature Shot by Belle Tress
Signature Shot
Mono Lace Front
Straight Press 18 by Belle Tress
Straight Press 18
Mono Lace Front
Straight Press 23 by Belle Tress
Straight Press 23
Mono Lace Front
Sugar Rush by Belle Tress
Sugar Rush
Mono Lace Front
Sumatra by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
Tea Leaf Layer by Belle Tress
Tea Leaf Layer
Mono Lace Front
Vienna Roast by Belle Tress
Vienna Roast
Mono Lace Front
Woolala by Belle Tress
Mono Lace Front
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More On Belle Tress Wigs

Belle Tress Monofilament wigs

Belle Tress monofilament wigs are constructed using a thin, breathable nylon or polyester mesh material at the base that takes on the natural scalp color of the wearer. Monofilament wigs offer the most natural look. Most monofilament wigs are hand tied individually (hair by hair) to the base. This allows the hair to swivel at the base, making the wig easy to style in many different looks. This feature allows you to part the wig or brush in any direction. Monofilament wigs should be the first choice for those with sensitive skin, and for those with severe to total hair loss.

Washing and caring for Belle Tress monofilament wigs:

To ensure the longevity of your monofilament wigs please follow the guidelines listed below.

When washing hand tied, monofilament or pull-through hairpieces, make sure to always wash and rinse with the base *top side up.
Do not swish the wigs back and forth in the water, as this might cause the knots holding the fibers at the base to push through the other side of the wig.
Remember to always let the water run downward from base to ends of the wigs. Using a styling block can make this step much easier.
When using a styling block, use a thin straight pin on the base or monofilament sections. Never use T-pins, T-pins can leave a permanent hole in these delicate material.

Belle Tress wigs for women

Belle Tress wigs for women are made with a fine mesh lace material. Front lace wigs features this material from ear to ear across the hairline. Full lace wigs features the lace material all around the wig and require the lace to be cut all around the wig.

Advantages of Belle Tress wigs for women:

-When you receive your wig, it will have a long lace enough to cover your face. This will require you to cut some of this material. Make sure to cut along the front of the wig. The goal here is to create a new hairline. DO NOT cut off all of the lace material, you'll be applying adhesives to the lace material.

-You will notice once you put on a lace wig that it appears that it is growing directly from your head.

Washing and caring for a wigs for women:

-Belle Tress recommends that you wash the wig at least once a week using medium or cool water only.

-Place the wig on a mannequin head, spray with water from the ends to the roots.

-Using a wide tooth comb, comb the wig in the same manner (ends to roots) making sure there are no tangles.

-Place the wig in warm water for 5 minutes. Do not leave in water too long, this will cause the hair to tangle easily.

-Wash it gently using special shampoo and conditioner made for wigs. DO NOT rub it. Make sure to rinse the wig thoroughly in cool water.

-Place the Belle Tress wig on a blockhead or a mannequin (this will keep your wig in original shape) and blot dry using a towel (DO NOT SCRUB). Allow your wig to air dry overnight.

-When the wig is nearly dry, comb through it using your fingers to separate the hair strands.

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