Top 7 Study Applications in the Application Store You Should Try

By | February 21, 2022

The study is a large part of its life at this time, probably one of the largest and most consumed parts. Because of that, studying often becomes boring and boring. But, what if we told you that it does not have to be like that? What would happen if you were telling yourself so that you study more fun, you can use your favorite tool: your smartphone.

What many students have not discovered today is that the phone is an excellent source of study materials and applications that can make the process faster and more fun. This has become the simplest you can get today. What do you have to do? Simply check if you need a reset of an Apps Store password to make sure things work without problems, download the application you need, and make your study at any time, from anywhere.

Study Applications

With that in mind, here are the 7 best applications to study to download right now.

  • Best Overall App for Students: Evernote

For years, Evernote has been an incredible application for students and people who need to take notes. This is a multifunctional mobile application that helps with many of its academic tasks. You can use it to speed up schedules and notes, as well as to create verification lists and improve your note with links, audio recordings, and attachments.

In addition to a free version, Evernote also has a premium subscription and subscription of business accounts. If you are not ready to pay the price for the paid membership, you will still get a 60 mg monthly load, and you will be allowed to synchronize through two different devices, share notes, open web pages, receive community support and search for text inside images. Students get special prices: 50% discount on the regular price in raw subscriptions.

  • Best Rated Free App: MyStudyLife

Available on Android, iOS, Chrome, and Windows, my study life is an incredible free organizer. Students use it to warm up their classes, schedule their important dates, and synchronize them all in a single calendar. The application has reminders for everything, from incomplete expiration tasks until upcoming exams and classes. The manager is easy to use, however, it has many features in addition to the list of tasks.

Even if it is disconnected, you can access the information on your device, as well as share it between devices and store things in the cloud.

  • Best App for Study Organization: iStudiez Pro Legend

Available on different devices that include Android and iOS, this application awarded for students had incredible characteristics. These include the organization of assignment, the planner, the summary screen, the synchronization of the multiple platforms, the grade tracking, the integration of the Google calendars, and the notifications.

iStudiez Pro Legend

  • Best App for Brainstorming: XMind

For a long time, the best way to learn the material or write your assignment is to map the ideas and make brainstorm. This is especially useful when it comes to finding a title or theme for its role. If you love brainstorming, then XMind will help you. You can use it to investigate, manage ideas and make use of logical and organizational charges, a graph of matrices, and weekly planning templates. It is even compatible with Evernote.

  • Best App for Taking Notes: Dragon Anywhere

Much of the time, what is said in class was not said in the books. You must pay attention and memorize a lot, as well as take infinite notes all the time. Dragon anywhere does all this simpler. You can dictate study notes talking on the device, from any location, and at any time. This makes it similar to the Siri dictation, but users claim that it is much more accurate.

  • Best App for Storing Data: Pocket

It is difficult to remember everything and even find the time to read all the data that appears when you study. That’s why you need an application like your pocket, a place to store things for later without being lost. In this application, you can save videos, items, and all kinds of web content, and see it when you want on your computer, tablet, and telephone. It also has powerful labeling and search tools that allow you to organize web pages by topic.

  • Best App for Flashcard Studying: Flashcards+

Do you like to study with FlashCards? Then you will definitely love the free Studio application of Chegg Prep. In it, you can do all kinds of flashcards for each topic, customize them and remove them from the cover once you have dominated them. In addition to that, users can add images, as well as download Flashcards Lets created by other students.

Wrapping Up

The smartphone is already one thing with many purposes for you. Most students use their daily, then, why not use it to study? You can do it much faster and more fun, so it is definitely worth an opportunity.

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