What are some ways to improve the safety of the iPhone?

By | February 21, 2022

Getting a new iPhone is quite exciting. However, some users may not realize that their device is prone to possible threats of cybersecurity.

It is important to ensure that an iPhone is not exposed to malware, viruses, and other threats. Otherwise, run the risk of passing personal data or treating with performance problems on your smartphone.

There are multiple ways to prevent cybersecurity threats from causing problems. Build your strategy for the prevention of threats using the tips below.

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Use the Activation Lock iPad

Let’s start with the activation block. The function is included in your device to improve the possibilities of recovering it in case the iPhone is stolen. It is also worth mentioning that it is not only iPhones that benefit from the characteristic. As an iPhone, iPad users can also take advantage of blockage. The activation lock iPad has more or less the same as you can find on an iPhone.

Enable Touch ID or Face ID

Touch ID and the identification of the face are additional security layer that protects the iPhone. Enabling these two features will prevent other people from accessing your phone.

Both the ID and the face ID are available in the Settings tab of the iPhone. It should not take too much to configure them because the process is quite simple, thanks to the instructions on the screen.

Take Advantage of Passwords

Passwords are another aspect that many people underestimate. You may think that worrying about passwords is not worth it, especially on a smartphone. However, the reality is quite different.

Similar to how it uses different passwords while on your computer to access emails, social networks, and other online platforms, you should also apply the same strategy on your iPhone.

Take Advantage of Passwords

If someone else gets your hands on your smartphone and figure one of your passwords, you will get access to valuable information.

Be more intelligent about your use of your password. Take advantage of online password generators to create difficult combinations and get a password manager that will keep all your passwords insurance.

Install Antivirus Software

Antivirus software on a smartphone may seem too much. Usually, we associate antivirus software with computers instead of smartphones, but things have been changing recently.

Those who wish to protect their iPhones must obtain antivirus software since it is difficult to predict when you can find a virus or malware. And once you get a threat of cybersecurity on your smartphone, getting rid of it without the proper tools would be quite difficult.

When it comes to iPhones specifically, there are some anti-malware tools worth mentioning: Avira Mobile Security, McAfee Mobile Security, and Trealav Mobile Security.

Avoid Free Wi-Fi Networks

Not having to pay for your Internet is quite attractive. Some people hunt Wi-Fi hotspots when they are far from home instead of buying mobile Internet from a service station, a local store, or another place that sells it.

The problem with free Wi-Fi networks is that they lack the necessary security protocols. Join this network is not safe. There may be someone ready to jump on unsuspecting users when they join public Wi-Fi.

If possible, avoid free networks and look for an alternative. Or, at least, use virtual private networks when you have to join public Wi-Fi.

Ignore Suspicious URLs

As a general rule, it is better, to ignore the suspicious URLs, even if you receive them from someone you know and trust.

Also, keep in mind that it is quite easy to click on a random link accidentally, especially if you are not careful with your fingers when you use the iPhone or navigate through the night at night after a long day at work, and you are tired.

Stick to the Official App Store

While there are some iOS applications that you can find on third-party websites, it is better to follow the official App Store because applications in the official store are approved by Apple, and you are less likely to download a threat.

Meanwhile, downloading an application from a third-party source is not so secure despite several liability exemptions on those websites. It’s better to be sure I’m sorry. In addition, there are a lot of great applications in the official store, which means that you do not have to bother with third-party websites.

Download iOS Updates

In general, iOS updates improve the overall performance of the smartphone and bring new features. These are the two main reasons why iPhone users must download and install IOS updates as soon as they come out.

However, it is also worth mentioning that having the latest version of iOS also means that your iPhone is not missing security updates. IOS developers react to the latest threats and press the updates to ensure that iPhone owners have protected devices.

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